what's this website supposed to be?


what's going on here? all of your questions finally answered

first, a song

apropos of nothing: Kim Wan-sun - "Pierrot laughs at us"

now: what is this? a journal?

this is a personal website where I share things that I like. or a journal, I guess.

I want this site to be a creative outlet that I enjoy updating as frequently or infrequently as I want, not a "portfolio". I don't care about optimizing "my reach" or whatever.

a place for light CSS crimes

design-wise, I'm heavily inspired by the aesthetic of personal and fan sites on the early internet—sites that appeared chaotic and used unconventional navigation and layouts with elaborate image maps and animations, before CSS grid or flexbox. this aesthetic reminds me of the petpages I used to make for my Neopets in the early 2000s. or even later, of heavily customized xanga sites, livejournals, and myspace profiles.

I want to start doing weird web design things on this site and definitely commit some light CSS crimes. while still having responsive and accessible content.

on that note, please let me know if you see something messed up (not a typo, I mean something actually busted or inaccessible).